A Bettter Dice Roller by aety
Author: aety
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This is intended to be a better dice rolling bot than most of the other ones out there. (All the popular ones I've seen anyway.)

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A Bettter Dice Roller by aety

(and yes, I do know there are three t's in the name...it's just going to stay that way now)

This bot should be fairly straightforward. Mostly just fill in however many prizes you want and let it run.

Fill out as many of the prize spaces as you want to use. Start with prizes that you want to show up more often. You can set any number of prizes from 1-25.

The bot will automatically figure out what dice it needs to roll.

The Equal Odds option will roll a single die so that all prizes have the same chance of getting rolled.

The Last Prize Rare option will make the lowest prize you enter into the prize list "rare." Rare prizes can only be rolled after a minimum number of rolls have been made and work off of different odds than the normal rolls. The odds of a rare prize showing up can be adjusted.

All commands can be used with "all" as a following word by moderators and the broadcaster to send the output to all users.

Feel free to leave a comment here or hit me up on Twitter: @_aety_

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