All in One Bot - Custom Edition
Author: 19mow89
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Short Description:

All in One Bot - 2048 Edition - customized by 19mow89

Full Description

Orignial Bot Idea: lund0894
Improvements by: chris0x2048
Customization by: 19mow89

This Bot was customized so you can start it whenever you need it. (IF you have a Bot-Slot available)

Everything turned OFF by default except:
Room Control
Rotating Notifier (you can /addnotice at any time and there is one "FOLLOW"-Notice already in it)
Tip Titles


Different Color-Schemes than the other All in One Bots
All Timers preset to a NON-SPAMMING-Level (in case you want to turn Leader Board, Tip Menu etc. ON)

Command List:
Same as all-in-one-bot-2 but with minor enhancements.

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