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Alpha CAPTCHA blocks spam-bots / ad-bots by requiring users to correctly solve a math-question (CAPTCHA challenge) before they can chat. Captcha by Username-color, Whitelist users (bypass Captcha), and Blacklist users (perma-silence)

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Want to set up multiple goals that auto-progress during your show? Try ALPHAGOALS (app section, not bot) for 30+ goals with an optional hidden-show feature included.

For a multi-function bot with improved & expanded functionality for 2019 and beyond, see ALPHABOT

Alpha CAPTCHA bot helps broadcasters protect their chat room from automated spam / advertising messages (aka spam-bots and ad-bots).

- Can choose how long a user has to correctly answer the question before getting a new challenge.

- Can choose how long a user must wait after an incorrect-answer before they get a new challenge/question (answer-spamming protection).

- Can choose which username colors/groups automatically bypass the CAPTCHA.

- Whitelist: 1) bypass the CAPTCHA for indvidual usernames (by chat-command adding or by persistent-list on bot's launch page); 2) option to automatically add tippers to the Whitelist.

- Blacklist: permanently block usernames from posting in your chat (by chat-command add or persistent-list on bot's launch page).

- Users can be added-to or removed-from the Whitelist and Blacklist during broadcast with commands.

- White/Black lists can be exported with a chat-command (at the end of each show, the lists can be exported then saved to a textt-document or/and immediately pasted into the bot's launch page Whitelist/Blacklist field and restarted to save the new list, so it will be automatically loaded and applied when the bot is started at the next show.




COMMANDS (use without the quote-marks and brackets)

"/acwhitelist [add | remove] [username]" - manually adds/removes a username to/from the Whitelist (to have to/not have to answer the CAPTCHA)

"/acblacklist [add | remove] [username]" - manually adds/removes a username to/from the Blacklist. Blacklisted users are always blocked from chat and this list takes priority in message-processing.

"/acexport" - exports a code/data-string that you can use to import the Whitelist/Blacklist (via command for the current-session or on launch page for persistency).

***Example Export Code: {"blackListed":["bl_user1","bl_user2"],"whiteListed":["broadcaster","wl_user1","wl_user2"]}

"/acimport [code]" - imports the Whitelist/Blacklist that gets exported using the above "export" command (subject to CB's 1024-character chat input limit).

"/acreload" - reloads the initial data from the settings.

"/acclear" - deletes all data from all the lists and clears everything. Those who aren't on your Whtelist will have to answer the CAPTCHA again.


CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)

Rationale: typically automated spam/ad-bots will not even know the CAPTCHA exists, so they will post, it'll be blocked, and they'll move-on to the next room per their standard routine.

Caveat: There's the possibility of spam/ad-bots that are being monitored by a human that could enter the answer, or programmers that might take the additional time/effort to code their posting script to first read the chat to sniff-out any password/PIN#/answer, enter same, then post their spam-message(s); however, all of that takes time/effort/resources (it's unlikely that many will go thru the extra-trouble). In the end, nothing is 100% fool-proof.


Derivative credits contained in the source-code.

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