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Short Description:

23items Sngl.line/List Custm:capt,colors,backgr.separs,perd

Full Description

This bot displays a tip menu (20+3 items max) in a Single line or List notice in a setted time interval. Also, you can choice the Tip menu items color and background color, caption and items separators.

You may set up next Tip Menu Caption: :bbtm7 :btm5 :btm0 :btm6 :btm3 :btm4 or any own graphics or text caption.
You may choice next Tip Menu items separators:
:pinkheart69 :bbtmsp :pinkheart122 :bbsep-000002 :bbsep-000003 :bbsep-000004 :anilove
or any other graphic or symbol as custom items separators.
The Bot supports next commands:

Some Hints:
1. Please set an unique price for each Tip menu item.
2. If you are a man, please change default menu items before first time use.
3. You may safe sale your personalized data (f.e.: e-mail, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skp, password for control your Lovense toy, hiperlink for your video/photo set on a cloud, Answers to frequently asked questions: where r u from?, r u hairy?, what r u do in private?, r u married..., etc). Just fill up the secret rows in the bot's settings 21-23 items. Nobody will see the secret data exclude a Tipper, who will pay the required price. He will receive secret data in his chatbox. If you keep secret fields blank, it will work in normal mode as previous 20 items.

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