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Author: aznpsx
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Short Description:

Chat censoring bot

Full Description

"Chat Sentry" by aznpsx

Simple spam / chat censoring bot. Give it a list of words and depending on which list it is in,
it will either censor the word (word --> w**d) or prevent the entire message from being displayed
in chat. Either way, the model will be notified of what the original message was :)

The word lists are comma separated without any spaces between the words, otherwise they will be
interpreted as being part of the word. Example: desktop,downloads,documents.

Again, DO NOT INCLUDE SPACES OR SYMBOLS unless they are intentional!!!

The matching engine is case insensitive. This means that the words desktop, DESKTOP, DeSktoP, etc
will all match the same word.

Change Log:
2018 DEC 19 - v0.0.3
* Fixed a logic bug that blocked everyone from chatting when option to fully silence greys was on
2018 DEC 18 - v0.0.2
* Added feature to fully silence greys and exclude them from model warnings
2018 DEC 01 - v0.0.1
* Initial release

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