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Author: maxgraff
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Short Description:

Send a Notice after a certain number of messages, not time

Full Description

* How to equal Notice speed with chat speed? Let's make chat more countable!
* This bot counts the number of messages sent in the chat and publishes a Notice after a certain number of messages, not time.
* So you can keep Notice separately if chat is slow, and show Notice more often if chat is fast.
* The Chat Speed Notifier count only messages sent by broadcaster and other users, not by any Notifier.
* This bot can display one by one UNLIMITED number of notifications, separated by ";" in settings.
* This bot can also display a tip menu in a single line notice.
* You can use one of the characters from bookmark "Sourse code" or any others for separate tip menu messages in one line tip menu.
* You can choose colors of text and background for Notice
* All messages appear once you start the bot and also once user enter to your room.

* Also you could choose in settings post or not a "special Counter notice" that will display numbers of sent messages for the session with a message, for example: "x messages sent today, keep going!"(after update 12.02.2019 you can write your own message),
* so it's can make chat a bit more interesting for everyone.

* With existing presets, simply click Launch Bot to see how it works, if you are a new user.

* Thanks to the author Bobomb, whose bot Notifier I used as a base for creating my own.
* Also feel free to use my code but don't forget mention my name then, I will appreciate that.

* To leave a feedback or suggestion contact me:

* Check out my other bot:

Message Counter

, which more focused for counting messages.

If you want to know how to change pre settings to make it more unique, read this instruction:

* Change log:
* -- 1.0.3 (05-03-2019) --
* > Added presettings. If you are a new user, just click "Launch Bot" to see how it works.
* -- 1.0.2 (12-02-2019) --
* > All messages appear to user who enter to the room.
* > You can change message for Counter on whatever you want, but know that number of sent messages would be before your Counter message.
* -- 1.0.1 (10-02-2019) --
* > All messages appear once you start the bot.
* -- 1.0.0 (09-02-2019) --
* > Initial release.

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