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Dice Roll Game (nice) new version

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* Title: Dice Roll Game nice (c)24/05/2017
* Author: cacho_gordo (cachotest)
* Version: 1.6 (29/12/18) - fixed error headers in msgs for commands - w/ emoji
>>> new (w/Scratch game) v2.5 (c) 25/05/2019

- Set the number of Dice to roll (1 to 3)
- Set the tip rate for rolling Dice
- Set the delay for displaying commands (3 to 10 minutes)
- Set if mods can roll the Dice too- Set the prizes for each dice number:
1 dice: prizes 1 to 6
2 Dice: prizes 7 to 12
3 Dice: prizes 13 to 18

It's better to fill all the prizes so you can change the number of Dice during game.

List of commands:
!r username = roll the dice for username
!d1 XX to play with one dice (XX = new tokens rate, optionnal)
!d2 XX to play with two Dice (XX = new tokens rate, optionnal)
!d3 XX to play with three Dice (XX = new tokens rate, optionnal)
!z to reset rolls list
!p to see the prizes
!w to display the list of rolls
!h to display the commands

********* EXTRA Prizes scratch game ****** 25/05/2019
* * * Scratch card game for extra prize
How to calculate game price:
* N - cards total in play
* W - cards total winners
* Z - Prize value considerate
* M - average of attempts = N / 2W
* Card Price > Z / M

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