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Author: chelsea2950
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Traditional dice roll game with two standard six sided dice, with possible rolls of 2-12, and a special rare roll of 13

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This is a traditional dice roll game for prizes with two standard six sided dice. There are possible rolls of 2-12, and a special rare roll of 13. Default price and prizes are only suggestions, please update with your choices. Text for all notices is black, but you can change the background highlight color for each.


The Dice Games allows viewers to tip a specified amount to roll a pair of 6-sided dice, and win one of 12 possible prizes. Viewers must tip the exact amount of the Dice Roll price that is configured.
There is also a setting to define if a viewer can tip for multiple rolls with a single tip by tipping a multiple of the single roll amount, and what the maximum multiple is. Any slots not filled in will yield no prize if that amount is rolled.
There are two modes, you can either keep all prizes intact or have prizes removed from the board as they are won. Removing the prizes from the board is not a commonly used mode as it reduces the chances of winning a prize with each roll.
There are three color settings available, one for the notice background, one for the regular roll result background, and one for the special prize result background. The text color is always black.
As should be common practice, be sure to not use an overlapping token amount for the dice roll price amount that may have already been used for the tip menu, token poll, etc.

  1. /prizes: (all users) Display the available prizes in the Dice Roll game, only shown to the user that requests it, unless requested by a moderator or broadcaster, then it is displayed to the room.

  2. /usedice [on/off]: (mods/bc only) Toggle the setting for whether the Dice Game is "on" or "off". Overrides the initial setting to turn the Dice Game on or off during the show. Note that turning the game off will suspend the display of the notice, and tips will no longer win a prize, however, the roll history is kept until the bot is restarted.

  3. /dicerolls: (all users) Display a listing of the last (up to) 20 dice rolls. Especially helpful if there have been several rolls in succession, prevents the need to have to scroll up to find the prizes won.

  4. /chgdice [amt]: (mods/bc only) Change the price of the dice roll within the show, where [amt] is the new amount to use.

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