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Author: ellipsis2198
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Short Description:

Filter spam/auto moderator, auto notices, tip menu + tip reminder, mute gender, and more to come

Full Description

Tip menu that automatically responds to people making demands in chat for something on your menu with the price you have set.

Spam filter blocks known spam without notifying in chat.

Effectively shadowban users/terms you don't want to see in your chat. Filters the message and no one will notice.

Add terms and users with a comma separated list, just save one in a text document so you can easily readd users.

Commands for broadcaster/moderator:
/tipmenuadd -- add a tip menu item in the format price followed by item - see examples below.
/filterwordlist -- prints the word list in the format you need to readd them later
/filteruserlist -- prints the user list in the format you need to readd them later
/filteraddword -- add word(s) you wish to block
/filteradduser -- add user(s) you wish to block
/filterremoveword --remove word from blacklist
/filterremoveuser --remove user from blacklist
/filteroff -- disable filter
/filteron -- enable filter

/tipmenuadd 25 Watch your cam for 20 milliseconds (suggested)

/filteraddword test
/filteraddword test1,test3,test5,example52

/filteradduser testuser
/filteradduser user1,user2,user5

For regular users:

Email if you need to get in touch with me with any questions or concerns: ellipsis2198@gmail.com.
Will respond quickly on twitter @ellipsis2198 as well.

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