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*πŸ…ΈπŸ…½πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒπŸ…° πŸ…±πŸ…°πŸ…½ able* Keep everyone in your room up-to-date with your latest news, rules and/or promotional offers... *Now includes tip menu feature* (see Description for further details)

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Quick Start

Click the Launch Bot tab.
Enter the text of your latest 'news'.
Click the Start Bot button. "Fire and Forget!"

Recommended Spam Blocker, (none) (FYI now comes with full spam blocking capabilities built in)
Recommended Emote Filter, No Grey Graphics
Recommended Lucky Tip Game, Whac-a-Tip

🅸🅽🆂🆃🅰 🅱🅰🅽 Now featuring RoboBan Rx/Instaban technology. See RoboBan for further details.

This bot is CBS-enabled, and may have its interactive settings saved and restored using the Save'N'Restore bookmarklet. See Save'N'Restore Tip Goal for more details.

Full Documentation

Enter up to four notices and have FYI cycle through them at a rate that can be time-based, chat-based or tip-based.
Choose different colors, background colors and font weights for each notice.
Block common forms of chat spam.

Basic 'News' Settings:

FYI is a notification bot that will cycle through up to four different notices of your choice, at a rate of your choosing.
You only need to make two decisions on the settings page, before clicking the Start Bot button, in order to use FYI, (1) what 'news' notice you want repeated, and (2) how often it repeats.

To change either, while the bot is running use the following two in-chat commands:

All other configuration decisions give you more control but can be safely ignored, if you just want a 'news' notice displayed repeatedly in chat.

Launch Bot Settings vs In-chat Commands:

The contents of each notice, their look, and how FYI repeats them can all be configured on the Launch Bot settings page before you start FYI, or altered while it is running using in-chat commands.
The difference is that configuration changes made using in-chat commands while FYI is running, revert back to the choices made on the settings page, whenever it is re-started.
For this reason, it is recommended that you configure the content and style of notices on the settings page, and reserve in-chat commands for changing how they repeat while the bot is running.
However, there is nothing to stop you using in-chat commands, if you want to change a notice's content and, or look while FYI is running, as long as you bear in mind that those changes will be lost when the bot is re-launched.
Interactive settings (those made using in-chat commands) can now be saved and restored using the Save'N'Restore bookmarklet.

Changing How Notices Repeat:

FYI can repeat notices after a certain number of messages have been posted into chat, or after a certain number of minutes have elapsed, or after a certain number of tips have been received.
The 'certain number' is the repeat rate that you configure on the settings page, where you can also choose between the three repeat modes.

There are more in-chat commands that allow you to switch between the different repeat modes, while the bot is running, and an alternative to /fyi number for changing the repeat rate:

HINT: Use lower value repeat rates for time-based repeats than for either chat-based or tip-based repeats.

TIP: You can use more than one in-chat command at a time. For instance, /time /rate 5 switches to time-based repeats, repeating every 5 minutes.

Cycling Between Different Types of Notice

As well as a 'news' notice, you can also configure a 'rule' notice, a 'promo' notice and a 'menu' notice on the settings page. In which case, the bot will cycle between them at the repeat rate setting.

There are in-chat commands to change the content of each type of notice:

*NEW* Tip Menu Style Notices:

Notices that consist of semi-colon separated lists of colon separated token amount, reward description pairs are interpreted and displayed as single line tip menus.
So, for example,might produce the following 'tip menu' notice, depending on the selected menu separator:
And, in fact, any notice that follows the tokens:reward;tokens:reward;.. format will be displayed in this way.

Changing How Notices Look:

There are three aspects to how a notice looks: the color of the text, the color of the text background and the boldness of the text.
On the settings page you configure a notice's look by specifying its style using an HTML Style Attribute Value, which is a list of one or more CSS property : value pairs separated by semicolons, for example

FYI only knows about color, background-color and font-weight CSS properties.
CSS color and background-color values can be either CSS color names, HTML color codes or rgb() colors.
CSS font-weight values can be either normal, bold or bolder.
There are a bunch of in-chat commands to control each aspect of each type of notice's appearance:

Type /help into chat for a reminder of the available in-chat commands.
Type /help followed by style, news, rule, promo, or menu for a reminder of the style and notice type specific commands.
Any command that clashes with that of another app or bot can be pre-pended with fyi, for example /fyihelp.

TIP: Although the four types of notice are referred to as 'news', 'rule', 'promo' and 'menu', they can be used to display any type of notice you want, using any combination of color, background color and weight you like. And any notice text that matches the 'menu' format (tokens:reward;...) will be displayed as a single line tip menu, using the selected menu separator option.

HINT: The /separator in-chat command can be used to set a custom tip menu separator, different from the available start-up separator options. Remember, interactive settings (those made using in-chat commands) can now be saved and restored using the Save'N'Restore bookmarklet.

Multi-line Notices:

To configure a multi-line notice, include one or more \n newline escape sequences in the notice content.
For example, you might create a rule notice for your chatroom while the bot is running usingwhich produces the following notice
REMINDER: Enter notice content that you want to appear every time you run the bot on the Launch Bot settings page, so that the bot remembers it. Notices entered using in-chat commands are usually forgotten when the bot is de-activated, but can now be saved and restored using the Save'N'Restore bookmarklet, if desired.

Including Emoticon Images and Special Characters:

As well as \n newline escape sequences, you may also use characters from the extended unicode character set in a notice, by including unicode escape sequences of the form \uXXXX, where XXXX is the hexadecimal code of the unicode character you want to appear.
In addition, any valid Chaturbate emoticon shortcut may be used in notice content.
So, for example,produces the following 'news' notice:
And as shown, the classic short forms of both wink and smile are converted into their corresponding Chaturbate Standard emoticons.

TIP: Forward slash characters, /, used directly in chat are interpreted by the bot as in-chat command qualifiers. So, if you want to use them in notice content entered via an in-chat command, use their unicode escape sequence equivalent, \u002f, instead.
For example,produces the following 'promo' notice:
Additional Settings: Blocking Common Spam

FYI now comes with the same spam detecting engine used in my most up-to-date and comprehensive anti-chat-spam bot, 'king Spam Block, which, if enabled, will block many common forms of chat spam from appearing in your chat while the bot is running.

Additional Settings: Multi-line Safe Mode:

It can sometimes happen that Chaturbate has problems displaying multi-line notices. The /help command produces a multi-line notice. So if you use it and get no response, re-launch the bot, enabling Safe Mode, to convert all multi-line notices into their single-line equivalents. Unfortunately, in Safe Mode, the single-line equivalents aren't guaranteed to be displayed in the intended order, which can lead to confusion, which is why it is better to run the bot with Safe Mode disabled, if possible.

Additional Settings: Custom Notice Label:

For identification purposes all FYI notices are labelled fyi:. Use the custom setting to set a label of your own choice, or leave blank for no labelling at all.

Running More Than One Copy of the bot:

It is perfectly possible to run more than one copy of FYI at a time, with different notices, appearances and repeat rates. However, there are some things you need to bear in mind when doing so.
The bot settings page only remembers the most recent configuration you enter. So if you start up another copy of the bot any changes you make on the settings page become the latest configuration.
If you don't want the second copy's configuration to over-ride that entered on the first copy's Launch Bot settings page, you need to use in-chat commands to configure the second copy of the bot, instead.
The problem is that you need to qualify the in-chat commands, so they affect only the copy you want to configure.
You qualify an in-chat command by pre-pending it with the slot number into which you loaded the copy of FYI you want to target.
For instance, if you want to change the 'news' notice of the copy of FYI you loaded into Bot #2 slot, type:and to change it's appearance:and to change how it's repeated:
Notice that all commands need to be pre-pended with the slot qualifier in order to target a particular copy of the bot, but that, because you're targeting a particular slot, pre-pending with fyi is unnecessary.

NOTE: The Active App slot is Bot #0 slot.

  1. HTML color codes are six-digit, three-byte hexadecimal numbers (preceded by #) #rrggbb, used to represent colors. the bot also recognizes the three-digit, short form of HTML color codes, #rgb. The # is not required by FYI, but is recommended. If the bot does not recognize a color value, it defaults to a pre-determined value for the notice type: 'news', 'rule', 'promo', 'menu'.
  2. Because of the continuing problem "ignored" users' messages cause to this bot in chat-based repeats mode, notifications are now limited to one a minute, at most, whatever repeat mode is selected.
  3. All notices directed at individual users now appear in light on grey text to distinguish them from notices visible to everyone in general chat.
  4. The in-chat command to toggle chat spam blocking not longer displays recently blocked spam messages. Instances of blocked spam are now logged to the debug stream. Use the standard in-chat /debug command to toggle the debug stream on and off.


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