Random Notices Bot
Author: kentosf2511
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Short Description:

Randomly displays notices from a pool of up to 30 with random or specific background colors.

Full Description

Most notice bots rotate, meaning the notices are always shown in the specified order entered. I wanted to do something a little different so in this bot, both the notices (up to 30) and the background colors (hex codes specified in settings) for them are randomly selected.

Since we do not want duplicate notices in succession, the bot keeps track of the last 8 notices displayed and will pick again until it chooses one that is different. Because of this, a minimum of 10 notices must be entered.

If you wish to have a notice display using a particular background color, separate the notice text/emoticon with :: and then the bot will not use a randomly selected background color. Some emoticons look better with a specific background color (i.e. white) so you could use: emoticon :: #ffffff where #ffffff is the hexcode color for white. See the pre-loaded defaults for samples of this.

Commands (available to Mods or the Broadcaster):

/stopnotices -- Temporarily stop all random notices without having to unload the bot.

/startnotices -- Start the random notices again after temporarily stopped.

/shownotice -- This will pick a random notice and display it to the room. Useful if you have random notices stopped or long interval periods and you want to fill an uncomfortable silence in the room.

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