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Author: badbadbubba
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Rotate up to 10 notices - simple interface

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Notice: If you are using this with Tip Menu Plus, you can used the combined Rotating Notifier Tip Menu Plus to save a bot slot.

Feel free to use my code but please give me credit. Changing the author to your name is just rude. It takes time and effort to develop and test code.

****** Please try my modified apps Sequence Tips With Group Tipping (counts all tips and set intermediate goals) and Auto Reset Multi Tip Goal (sets goals at multiples that notify and expire off subject line when met) ***

Rotates up to 10 messages at user set interval. Minimal settings but user can select color. Messages are bold by default. Message 1 has option to send to viewer privately on room entry. Set to no for super busy rooms since this could crash the bot. Emotes supported in the message. Empty messages are skipped.

HTML color codes here

Eg usage. Message 1 - Remember to :follow me on here and twitter, Message 2 - Naked at goal :smile Message 3 - Panty raffle 20 tokens :heart2 leave email in tip note.

Since I'm not verified to take tokens, you can tip my favorite models karaste, laurenphillips, harliequinnx, and cerisesecret.

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