Russian Roulette
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Have a special prize to offer? Do it with this tipping game. - BETA

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Encourage tippers to meet a main goal (defined by the App running alongside this Bot, not this Bot itself), by awarding the winner an exclusive prize or premium. This bot is also designed to work well in isolation, to offer a special item while chatting or relaxing without a goal.

Recommended use: Award an item or privilege that you are indeed willing to give to a defined amount of users (the configured number of winners is guaranteed with a complete game), where it makes sense that a winner can have this prize only once (exclusivity).

Discouraged use: Token revenue. The goal is to maximize fun, not revenue (though effectively encouraging tips).


This is a tipping game inspired by accounts of the Russian Roulette game, with a twist: if you shoot yourself, you win!

One or more chambers of a revolver gun are fitted with rounds. Each player pulls the trigger for an attempt to fire the next round. If loaded, the round fires, and the player 'wins' by shooting themselves.

(This space is reserved for those "back in Russia" jokes...)


* Only some chambers are loaded (as many winners as specified by the user--even just 1 is fine).
* Each player tips a fixed amount for an attempt to fire the next round.
* The prize is awarded on a fired round.
* The game shuts down once all winners have been found.
* Contrary to the real Russian Roulette, a player can play consecutive times.
* Like the real Russian Roulette, players can shoot themselves ('win') only once...


* Prize description: The name of the prize you're rewarding the winner with.

* Number of chambers (slots): The total number of times that the game can be triggered by all participants.

* Total number of winners: The number of awarded slots. In other words, the number of people and times you're willing to award a prize.

* Fixed tip amount required to play: Tipping this amount will attempt to fire the next round.

* Rig percentage: You can rig this game slightly by placing all rounds after X% of the total slots. This prevents ending this game extremely early, but also alters the initial chance distribution greatly, so a non-negotiable upper limit of 15% has been put in place.

It's the developer's intent to keep this a game of chance, giving place to fun and amazement. There are no plans to provide means to place loads in custom slots. If you want total control of awarded slots (and many kinds of prize), you might want to look at the popular Token Keno app by calvin06.

Game properties

The properties of this game are very easy to reason about:

* Winners are guaranteed, given a reachable number of allowed attempts.
* The game can be either (sometimes very) short or long to complete, depending on the position of the loaded rounds. That's the surprise factor!
* The number of awarded attempts is fixed and predictable. (This is opposed to "wheel" games, where the wheel may stop many times on the same prize, or may not reward tippers at all.)
* Each attempt has a slightly higher probability to win the prize than the previous one. The game does get better the more people tip!

Let N be the total number of chambers.
Let F be the number of past attempts.
The probability of being rewarded with the next winning shot is: 1/(N-F).

If configured with a total of 30 chambers and a single winner:
* The first 10 attempts have probabilities: 3.33%, 3.45%, 3.57%, 3.70%, 3.85%, 4%, 4.16%, 4.35%, 4.55%, 4.76%.
* The last 10 attempts have probabilities: 10%, 11.11%, 12.50%, 14.29%, 16.67%, 20%, 25%, 33.33%, 50%, 100%.

However, as you may have observed, finding all winners early can void the benefit of performing a late attempt, because winners are decided as-it-happens, on each fired round, and not at the end.

Conclusion: It's better to tip as many times as possible, do it soon, and often. There is a probabilistic reward for successive attempts. Don't make it hard for tippers to perform multiple attempts.

To do

* Provide the option to allow tippers to pull the trigger multiple times on big tips.
* Be less spammy.


* 2014-10-29: Added rig percentage. Its maximum value is non-negotiable.
* 2014-10-28: Uploaded as beta to production site.

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