Silence Greys
Author: strapmyassdeep
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Short Description:

Allows broadcasters to mute all greys (accounts with no tokens)

Full Description

A very simple bot that implements the "Chat allowed by" function for exhibitionists or other performers to not allow greys (accounts with no tokens) to chat. No options.

There are better ways to manage chat like having moderators or using another bot that only silences certain phrases, this bot should be considered a "last resort" to get things under control.

Note there is one special circumstance where a "grey" will still be able to chat - someone who has tipped recently but now has a zero token balance, and has decided to display themselves as a grey rather than a dark blue or above- since they will still have the "tipped_recently" attribute, they will be ok to chat. Not a bug, a design decision...

Update- as of now, i am able to receive tokens. So if you like this bot and find it useful, please feel free to send a tip my way!

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