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Earn points based on what members say in chat

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DISCLAIMER Despite the name, this bot has nothing to do with drinking or alcohol consumption, although it does draw its inspiration from games like tenborough-drinking-game/

WARNING: This is a development preview and is not suitale for general use. In particular the game requires that the people in the chat room are not aware the game is being played. It is too easy to cheat and rig the game otherwise. This is a game for a model to play with a few select members.

Once the bot has been loaded games can be started with /vw start and stopped with /vw stop. There is also a setup option to have the bot start the game as soon as it is loaded.

What It Does

The Drinking Game bot watches the messages entered by members into chat and awards points to players for specific words and phrases. For example, the phrase "hi bb" might be worth 1 point while "pm me" is worth 2 points. The phrases and number of points per phrase is completely configurable in the bot setup screen as well as while the bot is running. When the game starts each player will be assigned a list of phrases drawn at random from the complete list of available phrases.


During game play the bot will send notifications to the players and admins in the game. These notification are NOT visible to other users in the chat room. The bot will send the following types of notifications:

[PRIVATE] You are the only person that received the message.
[ADMINS] The message was sent to all admins.
[PLAYER] The message was sent to all players.


All of the option that are set in the bot's initial setup screen can also be changed while the bot is running with one of the commands listed below.

Cheat Mode [on|off]
Allow players to give themselves and other players points when they type one of the phrases into chat.

Multi Match [yes|no]
Allow players to score more that one point per user message. For example, if a player has the phrases "hi" and "bb" and a user enters the message "hi bb" the player would be award two points, one for hi and one for bb. Multi Match mode only makes sense if the Match Mode has been set to lax.

censor [yes|no]
Any messages that contain the words bitch or whore (and the most common misspellings) will not be displayed in chat and the user that entered the message will receive a notice that their message has been censored. The model will also receive a notification of the member that was censored and the message they entered.

A list of the users that are allowed to send commands to the bot through chat. To have more than one admin simply list all the names separated by a single space character.

tags tag [tag...]
The default set of #hash tags that will be used when setting the room subject with the /vw tags command. Do not include the # symbol as that will be added automatically by the bot.

Allow admins to change subject [yes|no]
When set to yes users listed as admins will be allowed to issue commands to the bot via chat messages.

Welcome new users [yes|no]
When enabled users will be sent a personalized notification when they enter the chat room with the gif :followtip99

Welcome text
The message that will be sent to users when they enter the chat room.

Start game when bot loads [yes|no]
When set to yes the bot will start a game as soon as it is loaded. Otherwise use the /vw start command in chat to start a game.

Display /vw command in chat [yes|no]
When enabled all /vw commands entered by admins will appear in chat. This is useful to see what the other admins are doing. This can be enabled in chat with /vw verbose on or diabled with /vw verbose off. The user that enters /vw will always see their own messages in chat regardless of this setting.


The "phrases" are the things users type into chat that the bot watches for. The bot allows for 25 phrases to be configured in the setup page. More phrases can be added with chat commands if needed. For each phrase you can specify the number of points to award, the matching mode, and the text that user must enter.

The matching modes determines how the text the user entered into chat is evaluated. There are three matching modes.

The user must enter the text exactly as specified. So if the phrase is "hi bb" then a user must enter exactly "hi bb" for points to be awarded.

Points will be awarded if the phrase appears anywhere in the text entered by a user. For example, if the phrase is "pm me please" and a users enters "could you pm me please bb" then points will be awarded because the phrase (pm me please) appears the the text the user entered.

Points will be awarded as long as all the words in the phrase appear, in order, in the user text. For example, if the phrase is "show feet" and a user enters "please show me your feet bb" then points will be awarded because both "show" and "feet" appear in the user text and in the correct order.

Common Commands

/vw start

Starts a new game. The player scores are reset to 0 and new phrases lists are picked for each player.

/vw stop

Ends the current game and announces the winner. The scores are not reset so the /vw score command can still be used on a stopped game.

/vw help [command]

Displays a brief help message. When used with out an command name /vw help will list all available commands with a short description. To get more detailed information about a command provide the command name. For example, to get help on the timer command use:
/vw help timer

/vw add [phrase|player|admin]

Adds new phrases, players, or admins.
/vw add phrase 1 exact kiss me
/vw add player some_guy

/vw remove [phrase|player|admin]

Removes phrases, players, or admins.
/vw remove phrase kiss me
/vw remove player some_guy

/vw list

Lists the phrases assigned to each player.

/vw phrases

Lists all the phrases with their point value and match mode.

/vw score

Display the scores for all players.

/vw about

Displays the game title and version.

/vw status

Displays the option settings, number of players, and if a game has been started.

/vw grammar [on|off]

Turns the Grammar Nazi on or off. See below for more details on the Grammar Nazi.

/vw verbose [on|off]

Verbose mode determine if the /vw command will appear in the chat window. Note that the user that entered the command will always see their own message in chat regardless of the setting of verbose mode.

/vw welcome [on|off]

When set to on users will be sent a personalized notification when they enter the chat room.

/vw censor [on|off]

When set to on messages that contain the words whore or bitch will not appear in chat. The user that entered the message will receive a notification that they have been censored. The model will receive a private notification that the user was censored and the message they entered that triggered the censor.


Timers can be started that will send a notification after a specified delay.

/vw timer start {duration} {unit} {message}

Starts a timer that will display the {message} after the specified delay. The {duration} must be greater than 0 and the {unit} can be one of s, sec, second, seconds, m, min, minute, minutes, h, hour, hours. For example, the following commands will all display Hello after one minute

/vw timer start 1 m Hello
/vw timer start 1 min Hello
/vw timer start 1 minute Hello
/vw timer start 60 s Hello
/vw timer start 60 sec Hello
/vw timer start 60 seconds Hello

When a timer is started the bot will display the timer ID that was assigned to the timer by the Chaturbate server.

Notice: [PRIVATE] Timer 5 started for 1 minute

In the above example the timer ID is 5. This is the ID to use if the timer needs to be stopped early. Note the timer ID will be different for every timer started.

NOTE /vw timer set may be used in place of /vw timer start

/vw timer stop {ID}

Stops a running timer. For example, to stop the above timer with ID 5 we would enter:
/vw timer stop 5

/vw timer list

Lists all the running timers. Use the /vw timer list command to determine the ID's of the running timers and their durations.

Grammar Nazi Mode

The bot will detect the most common misuses of the word "your" and send the user a notification *you're* whenever a misuse is detected. Grammar Nazi Mode can be enabled or disabled with /vw grammar [on|off].

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