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Automatically builds a username list CrazyTicket bots can understand!

Full Description

Welcome to The Family! This is a very simple add-on bot that will build a comma delimited list of usernames. To be automatically added to the list, a username can either be a Fan Club member, a Moderator, or have a matching pre-fix. The bot can also be set to add the name of each unique user who enters chat to the list or in addition, those who tip a specific amount.

Upon entering your chat, users who meet one of these criteria will be added to the list. If 'Automatically Delete user from list when they exit chat?' is set to 'Yes', then they will be removed from the list when they exit chat! However, if they return and meet the criteria again, they will be re-added to the list. Leaving this option set to 'Yes' guarantees that your list is always current! If a user buys their way onto the list and 'Automatically Delete user from list when they exit chat?' is set to 'Yes', then this user will be privately notified that leaving chat will remove them from the list.

The broadcaster can type a custom /command at anytime to view the full list. The default command is /family. The list is always sent privately (only to the broadcaster) and the /command that triggers it is always hidden from chat! Type /help for a list of additional private commands with examples for how to use them (EG: /add, /del, /count).


     List Output command = /e
     Automatically add users to the list with this prefix? = e_
     Automatically Add Moderators to the list? = Yes

     4 users enter chat with usernames: SomeOne - e_family - SomeoneElse - e_lover.

     typing /e = SomeOne, e_family, e_lover

Then you can copy and paste this comma delimited list into the CrazyTicket bot!

This bot was 100% made with efetishism in mind!

I freely code less obtrusive bots that do a lot of useful things! If this bot helps you, please say thanks with an offline tip or a fan club membership!

Tested: 100% fully functional
Last Updated: 4/6/19 2:34 am
Copyright 2019 to the author, MentalCex

This program and JavaScript front-end source code are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. l

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