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A powerful Tip Menu & Thank You bot with options!

Full Description

                                                        Featuring the 1st Thank You Bot of its kind on Chaturbate!

    + 30 possible tip menu items! (/tipmenu, !tipmenu, /menu, !menu, tip menu?)
    + 69 unique item separators (Strawberry, Rainbow, Text Heart, Numbered List, Elephant, etc)
    + 2 display types (Single Line or Multi Line)
    + 156 color choices (Web safe, including Bob Ross color palette)
    + Intelligent error handling (fill out only what you need)
    + All features can be utilized independently (just a Thank You bot or just a Welcome bot, etc)
    + Option to automatically say thanks for tips (Every/Specific) with custom messages (:bow / [tipper])
    + Option to set 10 Rotating Notifications (:pumpkinjump)
    + Option to set a discount (/sale)
    + Option to create 5 chat shortcut notices (for commonly typed URLs, GIFs, messages, etc)
    + Option to greet users with a welcome message (ON and blank sends Tip Menu)
    + Option to set custom font colors (#F0F8FF)
    + Option to use a custom item separator (:headbanger / \u2666 / )
    + Option to set advertisement delay(s) in minutes
    + Option to change room topic (custom message or tip menu)
    + Option to run in different advert "quiet" modes
    + Automatic anti-spam feature (hides common spam/advertisement phrases from chat)
    + Power User Features (per-item discounts, secret items, private notices, topic goals, chat /notices, and more)

    Need help? Take my Tip Menu Deluxe class: HERE

        Just type, in any language. Leave blank, or partially filled out, anything you will not use! It really is that easy!!

Solo tienes que escribir, en cualquier idioma. Deje en blanco, o parcialmente completado, cualquier cosa que no vaya a utilizar! Realmente es as de fcil !!

Click a link below for Settings Instructions in other languages:

• Russian by maxgraff

== Settings Instructions ==

If "Display Type" is set to "Single Line (OG Style)" the bot will advertise the tip menu all on one line. If "Display Type" is set to "Multi Line (Popular Style)" the bot will advertise the tip menu on multiple lines with 1 item on each new line (similar in effect to Baby Tip Menu or The Menu).

All 156 included text highlight and background color selections are either from the x11 standard "Web safe" category or the Bob Ross color palette (Modified). Custom 7 character hex colors entered into the "Custom Text Highlight Color" and "Custom Text Background Color" text boxes will override selections from the drop-list. Find more hex color codes at https://htmlcolorcodes.com/.

If the "Menu Separator" drop-list is set to "Numbered List", the bot will number each individual menu item in ascending order (EG: 1. item 2. item). Any ASCII character or custom :gif image can be manually entered into the "Custom Menu Separator" text box. Supported "Menu Separator" Unicode literal expressions (EG: Text Heart - \u2665) can also be manually entered into the "Custom Menu Separator" text box. In addition, converted Unicode emoji images can also be manually entered into the "Custom Menu Separator" text box. (EG: ). Chaturbate currently allows images to be input into chat simply by coping and pasting them. Please note - this privilege could be removed at any time! Manually entered, custom separating characters will always override drop-list selections. The "Custom Menu Separator" text box supports more than 1 menu separating character at a time (EG: side-by-side), unlike the "Menu Separator" drop-list (EG: only 1 separator). Supported Unicode literal expressions can also be entered into the "Custom Menu Separator" text box more than once (EG: HeartStarHeart - \u2665\u2605\u2665). Find more Unicode emoji images at https://emojiterra.com/unicorn-face/.

If the "Tip Menu Advertisement Delay (minutes)" integer is deleted, the tip menu advertisement will stop. However, the /tipmenu command and thank you messages will continue to be displayed publicly. If thank you messages are left blank, the bot will only respond to /tipmenu (/menu, !tipmenu, !menu, tip menu?), /sale, and /about. Anyone can type the commands at anytime to quickly advertise the bot. Broadcaster advertisements will display publicly, while user advertisements will be sent privately to the user who typed the command! All typed commands will always remain hidden from chat, except to the user who typed the command.

"Discount %" is used for menu wide sales, which are advertised in the Tip Menu and displayed through the /sale command. If "Discount %" is left blank, the bot will only create per-item discounts as specified by the user. If there are no discounts set, the /sale command will do nothing. See Power User Features for more information on per-item discounts!

If "Always Send '[user] Tipped [cost] For [item]' Thank You Message" is set to "Yes", the bot will send a generic (EG: 'User01 Tipped 14 For PM') thank you notice. These messages are sent publicly, each time the tipped amount exactly matches the cost of a menu item, regardless of other Thank You message settings. To turn off this behavior, set "Always Send '[user] Tipped [cost] For [item]' Thank You Message" to "No". A hidden tip menu item will never have its item description sent to chat. These messages also function with the range feature, see Power User Features for more information.

If "Custom Thank You Message for Every Tip" is filled out, the bot will say thanks for each tip. Users can enter a custom message, and :gifs / [tipper] are supported. If "Custom Thank You Message for Every Tip" is left blank, the bot will default to specific tip thank you messages. If an item does not have a specific tip thank you message, the bot will say nothing for that item. Specific tip thank you messages will always override the "Custom Thank You Message for Every Tip". Tip ranges and private notices can be set here as well, see Power User Features for more information!

If "Greet Which Users" is set to "Every", the bot will send a custom welcome message to everyone that enters the room. If "Greet Which Users" is set to "With Tokens Only", the bot will only send the welcome message to users with at least 1 token. If a custom welcome message has not been entered, the bot will send the tip menu. If the tip menu is incomplete the bot will send a generic/default welcome message. If "Greet Which Users" is set to "None", the bot will not welcome new users to the chat room. It is possible to have more than 1 greeting message and to use custom hex colors, see Power User Features for more information!

If "Change Topic" is set to "Yes", the bot will change the topic to what the user entered in the "New Topic" textbox. If "New Topic" is left blank, the bot will set the topic to the tip menu (EG: item 1 | item 2 | etc). If the tip menu is empty, a default advertisement message will be set. If "Change Topic" is set to "No" the room's topic will stay the same. It is possible to create topic goals (EG: Goal #1 15 Tokens Remaining) here as well, see Power User Features for more information!

If the "Shortcut to Type in Chat" is typed by the broadcaster in chat, the bot will hide the command or phrase from chat, and send "Full Text it Will Send to Chat" instead. Anything can be used as a shortcut (EG: hello, ^HI, !welcome) and anything can be sent to chat (animated GIFs, URLs, etc). Multiple different shortcuts can be used on 1 line (EG: !h and !w enjoy my room. Please !follow). Each full text message can have its own custom hex colors, see Power User Features for more information!

Rotating Notifier messages can include shortcuts (EG: !h and !w, please :follow). If the "Rotating Notifier Advertisement Delay (minutes)" integer is deleted, the timed rotating notifications will stop. Notifications can be multi-line displays and each notification can have its own custom hex colors, see Power User Features for more information!

The automatic anti-spam feature will never need to be configured. It incorporates intelligent string searches to identify user chat based on a specific list of known advertisement spam phrases. (EG: click here I love c2c). Only the chat that contains the entire specific phrase will be hidden from public view. The bot will never kick, ban, permanently silence, or moderate your users in any way.

== Power User Features ==

1. Rotating Notifier, Shortcut Assist, and Greeting Message Custom Hex Colors:

First is for foreground, second is for background color. Only full 7 character color codes are supported. Rotating Notifier character limit hard-coded to 750. Shortcuts can be up to 20 characters, while the messages they send can be up to 200 characters. Greeting Messages character limit hard-coded to 275. These color codes will override bot-wide color selections, thus allowing these messages to display in their own unique colors.

Hex color codes: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/

2. Rotating Greeting Messages:

Character limit hard-coded to 275. Custom hex colors can be used here as well. (EG: ^#############Message^). Each user who enters chat will receive the next greeting message in rotation.

3. Tip Ranges:

"Cost of Item" begins the range and "^n^" ends it. Ranges can be nested, allowing for multiple messages. Examples of usage include 'Lush' thank you messages, guessing number games, or song requests by priority.

4. Hide Tip Menu Items:

Item will not display in any tip menu advertisement. However, a private item can still be tipped for and will display 'thank you' messages! This feature was designed so that the 'thank you' portion of the bot could work independently from the 'tip menu'. This feature also allows for configurations such as hidden guessing number games, hidden menu items, or even a secret tip menu.

When hidden menu items are used in conjunction with tip ranges, the bot will send specific thank you messages exactly as your 'Lush' bot does! Displayed thank you messages include only the "Custom Thank You Message for Every Tip" and "Thank You Message for Item #" options. The generic "Always Send '[user] Tipped [cost] For [item]' Thank You Message" option will not display with 'hidden' tip menu items. However, a specific message could be written to mimic this outcome (EG: [tipper] Tipped 25 For PM).

Please read my tutorial for using Tip Menu Deluxe to send all of your 'Lush' settings information and thank you messages: HERE

5. Private Notices:

This feature can be used to create 'thank you' messages that are sent just to the tipper! Can be used in conjunction with ranges (EG: ^25^p^Message or ^p^25^Message). Examples of usage include sending information privately (SnapChat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram) or creating a chat respectful 'thank you' bot that does it's job without cluttering your chatroom!

6. Per-Item Discounts:

Set per-item discounts, 1 to 99. Can be used in conjunction with hidden tip menu items (EG: ^99^p^Description or ^p^99^Description), and the menu-wide "Discount %".

Per-item discounts will override the menu-wide 'global' discount. Please read my tutorial on using discounts, which includes information on the /sale command: HERE

7. Topic Goals:

Can be any number greater than 1. Goal will always count up as tokens count down. When a goal is reached a generic notice will be sent to chat! While active, type /help for a descriptive list of supported commands (EG: /pause /resume /tips /token /goal). Typing /goal=0 will remove goals from the topic, thus creating a [# Tokens Remaining] topic instead! Topic Goals will function until halted. Topic Goals can only be permanently halted by setting "Change Topic" to "No" or by adjusting the "New Topic" textbox. "New Topic" textbox character limit is hard-coded to 300 characters.

Please ready my tutorial for creating 'topic goals': HERE

8. Multi-line Rotating Notifications:

A multi-line notification (designed to mimic a similar effect to Lovense Lush Level bots or Lush Settings bots) can be initialized here by enclosing each line between the ^ characters. Custom hex colors, shortcuts, and .GIFs are supported.

EG: ^#FFC0CB#000000MY LOVENSE LEVELS OF INTENSITY AND DURATION^:sparklesssss Level 1: Tip (1-49) Low 3 seconds.^:sparklesssss Level 2: Tip (50-99) Medium 4 seconds.^:sparklesssss Level 3: Tip (100+) High 10 seconds.^Make me hot with the sound of your tokens!^

Additional examples of usage include creating more than 1 tip menu. By creating 'hidden' tip menu items that have specific 'thank you' messages, more than 1 tip menu bot as well!

EG: #FFC0CB#000000 My Social Media Tip Menu: PM (25) :heart WhatsApp (125) :heart Snap (30) :heart Premium Snap (300)

9. Chat Notices:

Send public notices to chat by typing /notice Message. Custom hex colors are supported (EG: /notice #00FFFF#000000 Hello From Tip Menu Deluxe!)

Complete Example:

In this example, our item is 10% off. Tips between 1 - 23 tokens (22.5 rounded) will send the private thank you message.

Tested: 100% fully functional
Last Update: 4/9/19 8:09 am
Copyright 2018-2019 to the author, MentalCex

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