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Author: badbadbubba
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10 menu items in a single line tip menu. More graphic options.

Full Description

Notice: If you are using this with Tip Menu Plus, you can used the combined Rotating Notifier Tip Menu Plus to save a bot slot.

20 line version Tip Menu Plus 20

Update Sept 9 2016 - Improved error checking and reporting. If you want to temporarily disable a menu item, change the double dash to a single and it won't be displayed. Added space saving, graphic text separators.

Latest version of Tip Menu - Single Line. Supports up to ten menu items and simplified entry screen.

New smiley and animated heart separator in addition to glitter, flower and bow.

Display your tip menu as a notice in a single line. Notifies when item is tipped for. No commands to type.

For each menu item enter the amount, a double dash and then the item description. Do NOT use double dashes in the description because anything past the second double dash will be removed.

10--flash boobs
20--snapchat for 1 year

Feel free to use my code but please give me credit. Creating, testing and debugging code takes time and effort. Copy and pasting my code and putting your name on it is just disrespectful.

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