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Author: sexy_autumn
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Multi top cloned as a bot

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Multi top cloned as a bot

* /stats - Displays token stats, usable by broadcasters and mods
* /reset - Resets the goal back to the starting values, usable by broadcasters only
* /continue - In manual progression mode, moves onto the next goal. Only usable when the goal has been met and in manual progression mode. Usable by broadcasters only
* /skip - Skips a goal
* /upnext - Announces the next goal to the room
* /timer - Sets a timer for the goal to be met in minutes
* /timer stop - Stops the running timer
* /addtokens - Adds a "tip" to the goal, incrementing if necessary
* /removetokens - Removes a "tip" from the goal, decrementing if necessary
* /setcolors - Sets a new tipper highlight theme - see below for the theme names!
* /hidden - toggles a hidden show on or off
* /hidemsg - sets the message during a hidden show to the specified text
* /admit - grants a user access to the hidden show
* /unadmit - removes a user from access to the hidden show
* /tickets - lists all users with access to the hidden show
* /gift - if you have a hidden show ticket, gives it to someone else

* /unmute - if you have disabled grey user chat, allows the specified user to chat
* /mute - disallows the specified previously allowed user from chatting if grey chat is disabled

* /add - Adds a new goal for the current session only, for with the specified token count and description
* /delete - Deletes the last goal for the current session only
* /support - Toggles a special mode to allow the developer to access the same commands as the broadcaster in order to assist you. Defaults to OFF.
* /help - Take a wild guess. Really.


The following colour schemes can be used for tipper highlighting. You can select these from the Launch App page, or by typing '/setcolors' followed by the scheme name.
* Legacy: High Tipper, High Total
* Pink: High Tipper, High Total
* Forest: High Tipper, High Total
* Sky: High Tipper, High Total
* Purple: High Tipper, High Total
* Sunshine: High Tipper, High Total
* Random: Picks a different colour theme every single time the high tipper speaks. Freaking rainbow, people!
* None: Doesn't highlight anyone's messages

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