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30 item Tip Menu with a lot of features

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------ Tip Menu ------

A tip menu with up to 30 items.

Version 1.0

You can now use your own divider! Simply pick 'Custom' in the drop-down menu and write whatever you want! Even gif! Does this need more exclamation point? I believe so!

You can now run sales. /tipmenusale X will reduce the price of all item by X%.

You can now add item on the fly by using /tipmenuadd X Y. X has to be a number and Y will be the name of the item. ex: "/tipmenuadd 50 I will spin around" will add item "I will spin around(50)" to the menu.

You can also delete item on the fly with /tipmenudel. You can either use the price of the item and it will remove all item with that price. Use only the label or to be really safe use /tipmenudel X Label, where X is the price of the item and Label is the name of the item. It has to be a perfect match ( capital letters and all). At the moment it is hard to remove items that start with a number. I'll try to make that easier in the future.

You can ask the bot to sort the item by price from the highest to the lowest, the lowest to the highest or just leave it like you entered them.

Any user can use the "/tipmenu" to see the menu at any time.

Will announce to each user that join the room that they can use the command "/tipmenu".

Can split the menu in chat if it is very big.

You don't have to erase an item that you want to remove for one night, just set the price to 0 and the bot will skip it. When you want it again, just input the price again.

You can use the # or not for the color. You can pick a different color for each split menu.

------- Commands -------

/tipmenu: Will show the menu in the chat. Mods will send the menu to everyone
/tipmenurequest: Show the last 10 requests.
/tipmenurequest X: Show the last X requests
/tipmenurequest all: Show all the requests (up to 100).
/tipmenuadd X Y: Add an item name Y for X token to the menu.
/tipmenudel X: Removes every item with a value of X tokens.
/tipmenudel X Y: Will only remove an item named Y and the value X
/tipmenudel Y: Will removed any item labeled Y independent of the cost.
/tipmenusale X: Will reduce the price of each item by X% rounded up.
/tipmenunotice: Will toggle on and off the notification when someone request the menu.

------- Contact -------

Send complains, suggestions, bug reports and praises on twitter @MrMafioso69 or instagram @MrMafioso69. If you want a faster answer, use twitter.

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