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Let the tokens do the voting

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By NotThatFrank

Have you ever wanted your room's help in making a choice? Well, this is where the Token Poll bot comes in. It lets your viewers interactively vote for up to five different options while keeping track of how many votes each option gets.


When launched, the bot will require you to enter a title for the poll to let viewers know what they're voting for, as well at a minimum of two and a maximum of five distinct voting options.
Each option must have a unique token amount which will let your viewers vote for it by tipping that amount.

The setup options are:
Poll Title (required) is a descriptive text to let viewers know what's going on.

Board Display Interval (required) is an interval, in minutes, that the bot will pop up the current poll standings to remind viewers that the app is running and that they should keep tipping :o)

Poll ends... (required) specifies how you want the poll to end. The options are to let it run until you disable the bot ('When I end it'), after a specified number of minutes ('After x minutes'), when a given total number of votes has been cast ('After x votes'), or when one of the options wins by reaching a given number of votes ('When one option reaches x votes').

... Where x is ... (required for the three latter poll end options) specifies the number of minutes, total votes, or votes to win if you're selected one of those options above. If you've elected to end the poll 'When I end it', this option will have no effect.

Option x (1-2 required, 3-5 optional) is the title for each option that the viewers may vote for.

Option x Tokens (1-2 required, 3-5 optional) is the number of tokens required to vote for option x. Remember that each option must have a unique token amount to distinguish votes.

Leave the "Option x Tokens" fields at zero for any voting options you don't want to use.


This bot uses two in-chat command:
Typing "!poll" in the chat will give you the current standings in the poll. It is the same information that is displayed every n minutes as specified by the "Board Display Interval" setting. If the broadcaster or a moderator uses the !poll command, the poll board will be sent to the whole room. Issuing the !poll command after the poll has ended will show the winning option(s).
Typing "!endpoll" will end the poll immediately and display the winning option(s). This command is available only to the room broadcaster.


Please feel free to report bugs and suggest features in the comments below.

Enjoy... ;o)

Version History

Version 2.0

Version 1.0
Initial launch.

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