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Track all tips and display the top 3 (or more)

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Attention: As the original Tippers leaderboard bot has been updated to incorporate the features of this bot, I recommend you use that bot instead of this. You can find it here: ippers-leaderboard-bot
or on the first page of bots.

This bot tracks all tips and displays the top 3 tippers (or any number of tippers between 1 and 10).
The list is shown any time it changes, and also on a timed interval which you choose.

On launch, you have two settings to choose:
1. The number of tippers to show in the list
2. The number of minutes to wait before showing the list again

It is inspired by the Tippers Leaderboard bot by hard8in but with some changes based on feedback about that bot from some broadcasters.
The main change is that because the list is only displayed if it is changed by a tip, it is much less spammy in chat.
The code was written from scratch, without looking at the code from that bot.

If you have feedback (positive or negative), you can use disqus below or you can get in touch with me directly
through twitter on @asdfghjkl28asd (I will share my email address through there if you need to go into detail).

Features planned for the future


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