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King Tipper, Leaderboard, Notifier, Graphic Control, PM's in Chat, and More!

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Ultra Bot is a multi-functional bot that is highly customizable to suit your purpose. Here is a list of the bot's features, all of which can be toggled on or off.

User's tip totals as titles: Users who have tipped at least one token will have a |x| at the beginning of their messages, where x is the tip total.

King Tipper: The user who has tipped the most tokens will have a small crown to the left of his message. The minimum tip total to become King is up to you. There is also an option to have the bot send a message every few minutes (you decide how often) that says "Tip x to become the new King!", where x is one more than the amount that the current King has tipped.

Leaderboard: The top three tippers are saved to the Leaderboard. There is also an option to have the bot send a message every few minutes (you decide how often) that displays the leaderboard.

Notifier: You can set messages to be displayed when a user enters the room, when a user tips, and on a set interval. Each message type can be toggled on or off individually, the minimum tip to trigger the tip message can be changed, and you can change the interval on which the periodic message posts to the screen.

The Chaturbate Dick(less) List: I am compiling a list of users who have proven themselves to be dicks. Those users will be put on this list. The users who earn their places on it will be posted on http://britandjustin.tumblr.com/ along with screenshots of the reasons why. If you decide to take advantage of this list, anyone on it will be unable to post messages in your room.

The Nice List: I don't know about you, but there are a few users who frequent my room whose messages I really enjoy being able to read, but who don't have tokens. The fact that they don't have tokens means that when my room gets rowdy and greys get silenced, I don't get to chat with them anymore. If you have regulars like that, put their names in this text box and they will still be able to chat even if other greys can't.

Note: The Nice List only works if you are using the /silencelevel command that is built into this bot. Using the Chaturbate setting to silence greys will still stop all greys from being able to talk.

In addition to these options, there are several features that you, and your mods, will really enjoy.

Timers: You and your mods can start a timer by typing /starttimer x, where x is the number of minutes you want your timer to run. You can add time by using /addtime x. The timer announces time left at 5 minutes remaining and 1 minute remaining. The exact amount of time left can be viewed with /timeleft.

Private Messages in Chat: If you are in my room and you want to send me a private message, simply type /whisper britney_and_justin hi!, and you'll send me a pm that I can read in the main chat window! No more having to click or tab through multiple windows to have private conversations! Any user in your room can pm any other user in your room using this command! You can also reply to someone who just messaged you simply by using /reply!

If you find yourself being inundated with whispers, you can take advantage of the command /ignorelevel. Entering /ignorelevel x, where x is a number from 0 to 3, will filter out whispers sent to you based on the following criteria:

0: everyone
1: only users with tokens
2: only users who have tipped
3: only users who have tipped at least 10

You can also ignore individual users by using the command /ignore.

Room Control:

The commands /silencelevel and /graphiclevel work the same way as /ignorelevel, except they filter messages and graphics that are being sent to the chat window. There is also the /silence command if you only want to silence an individual user.

/emod is a command that allows you, and your mods, to grant moderator powers to anyone in the room. Note: using /emod to make someone a moderator allows the user to use the moderator-only commands from Ultra Bot. It does not allow them to use the silence and ban features from Chaturbate.

Run the bot and type /ubhelp to find a full list of commands and information on all of them.

If you would like to get to know the bot without actually being online, go to testbed.chaturbate.com and make an account. Broadcast yourself (you aren't actually casting) and load up bot3 by bjtesting2.

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