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A friendly Pokemon game. Catch 'em, trade 'em and fight with each other!

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CBs #1 Pokemon Bot

This started out as a fork of the Pokedex
Bot of asudem.

I was bored on a Sunday and decided to take this, completely port it over to Typescript (another programming
language) and extend it bit by bit.

The code is public, feel free to check it out, copy it and make your own version. But please let the dev (me) and
original author (asudem) stay in there as legacy or link us somewhere at least:

You can turn on public battle messages in the settings!


Commands for: broadcaster and mods (and me and my friends to help you guys out if we are in your rooms).

You can choose to disable this in the setting of the app, then the commands only work for the broadcaster.


/adduser 25
Adds pokemon number 25 (Pikachu) to user . The number is the PokeDex # of the
Pokemon. See this

/levelup 10
Levelup the pokemon of user by 10, or 20, or 100 levels without evolving the
pokemon. Levels are capped at 100!

Evolves the pokemon of user

Randomly changes the pokemon of user using the amount of tokens he tipped.

Removes the pokemon of the user

Sends welcome message and banner to the user , if no user was given, message is
sent to everyone

Commands for: everyone


Releases the current pokemon

Find out what pokemon the user has

Find out what level the pokemon of user is

Attack the pokemon of user

Gets a list of all trainers in the room with pokemon and level (so you can start attacking)

Get's a list of all elite four members still alive (so you can defeat them before you go after the broadcaster)

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