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Wheel of Fortune with a lot of added features!

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------- Wheel of Fortune V 3.11 -------

-- You can add up to 40 regular prizes and multiple rare prizes.
-- The rare prize chance is independent of the number of prize on the wheel and you can set it from always (1/1) to rare ( 1/500 ).
-- You can add more than 1 rare prize by separating them with ; ex: "One video; one private".
-- The wheel will spin to see if the user wins a rare prize and then will pick 1 rare prize from the list.
Having more rare prize does not mean more chance of winning a rare prize.
-- You can prevent the wheel from spin for specific values.
-- The rare prize can be set to only be available on multi-roll, encouraging bigger tips.
-- You can pick your own colors. Use Hexadecimal Colors ex: #FFFFFF.
-- You can run a sale.

You can find a color picker here: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_ picker.asp?

------- Additional changes from SweetDann version -------

-- Multi-roll is more compact, less spamming in chat.
-- Can pick if the wheel only turns on exact multiple of the roll cost.
-- Can prevent the wheel of spinning on big tip. (ex: Someone buying your SnapChat).
-- See all the past winners.
-- See what a user has won.
-- See who won a specific prize.
-- Mod and broadcaster can spin the wheel for free if needed.

------- Commands -------

/rewards - Show all the rewards. It will show the list to everyone if you are a mod or the broadcaster.
/winners - Will give the last 10 winners and their prizes. I will show the list to everyone if you are a mod or the broadcaster.
/winners all - List the last 100 winners, so it doesn't overflow chat!
/winners x - Will give the last X winners. Can go over 100 but can overflow chat if there is to many winners.
/winners username - Will list all the prizes that specific user won.
/whowon X - X is the position of the prize on the wheel. You can see the position for each prize by doing /rewards. It will list every user who won that reward.
/whowon rare - Will list all the users who won the rare prize. Making it easy at the end of the show to get the list of winners.
/freespin - Spin the wheel if you are out of ideas or if you just want to reward someone. Will only work if you are the broadcaster, can be turn on for mods.
/freespin namehere - Will spin the wheel but will use the namehere as the username. Useful to have the right name in the winning list at the end.
/addprize Y: Add a prize name Y to the wheel.
/removeprize X: Removes the prize at position X.
/addrare Y: Add a rare prize name Y to the wheel.
/removerare X: Remove the rare prize at position X.
/spincost X: Change the price to spin the wheel to X.
/wheelsale X: Change the price of spinning to X. ex: "/wheelsale 50" to set the sale price at 50 tokens. The bot will promote it as a sale.
/wheelsale X%: Reduce the price to spin the wheel by X%. ex: "/wheelsale 25%" to reduce the price by 25%. The bot will promote it as a sale.
/wheelsale off: Ends the sale. Returns the spin cost to original price.

If you are a mod or a broadcaster and you don't want to send the list to everyone, use the /swinners and /srewards for a silent notice.

------- Contact -------
Send complains, suggestions, bug reports and praises to the4science@gmail.com or on twitter @the4science.

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