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Curvymodelmilf's Bio and Free Webcam

Nome Vero:
Victoria Jay (Ecards) victoriasecards@gmail.com Many Vids curvymodelmilf.manyvids.com
Data di Nascita:
19 Dicembre 1974
Interessato/a in:
Uomini, Donne, Trans, Couples
Midwest Country Girl living in a Sunny City World!! Loving both!
Ultima Trasmissione:
7 ore, 33 minuti
Curvy in all the right places...I'm real, down to earth and genuinely a nice person .
Fumo / Alcool:
Smoke on cam/drink rarely
5 tattoos
Pics & Videos:
Su di Me:

      Monday Sept 18th: 7:00am to ? / 10:00pm to ?
      Tuesday Sept 19th:: 6:30am to N0ON / 10:00 to ?
      Wednesday Sept 20th: 7:00am to 10:00 am
      Thursday Sept 21st: 9:30ishpm to ?
      Friday Sept 22nd: 11:00am to 4:00pm
      Saturday Sept 23rd: 6:00am to 11:00am
      Sunday 24th: 9:30 pm (private show). 10:00pm to ?
      My Schedule Is Updated Weekly Please Check for updates All times EST!

      Age: 42
      DOB 12/19/1974
      Height: 5'8" - 5'9"ish
      Skin: Naturally dark /with Tan Lines
      Hair: Long Natural Brunette
      Eyes: Bright Green
      Bust: 34D
      Waist: 31"
      Feet: Size 9
      100% MILF
      I squirt Like Niagra Falls (First Squirted when I was 40)
      Aside of my Manicure I am 100% Natural. Blessed!
      I Love the positive energy and interaction on cam.
      Please do not ask if I meet.
      Please do not ask about my kids.
      Please be respectful and have fun!
      This is a great way to escape life and live out our fantasies!
      If it is Not in My Bio Ask Me! I love Chatting!

      * Please Be Respectful to Me, My Room Viewers and My Moderators.
      * I love for my chatroom to be a friendly energetic place to escape and have fun!
      * No sexual graphics, typing in caps or vulgar words.
      * Sexual comments and questions need to be in a tip note please.
      *Please -No directing or demanding.
      *Failure to Follow the Room Rules will Result in Immediate Silencing and / or Banning from the room.    
      * My email is for E-Gift Card purposes ONLY

      25 If you like me
      50 Private Message
      55 Boob Flash
      60 Ass Flash
      61 Feet Worship
      75 Boob Play
      76 Paddle Spanks
      79 Pussy Play
      101 Sexy Strip Dance
      111 If you love ME
      201 Smoke on cam ( camel blues)
      277 Pussy Play with Toy
      300 Snap Chat
      333 Big Booty Club
      350 KiK
      700 My Phone Number
      501 Sybian Machine (you choose attachment)
      1,234 Insta-Squirt
      2,222 Boyfriend Forever Club
      ** Ask First for Anything not in the Menu..I may just have a price and do it!!
      All tips are appreciated and go towards goals and appreciation of my LOVE!

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      Tip 333 To be a member of My Big Booty Club! Name highlighted when online and special attention online!

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      Ivncboy6973 * Survivor6353 * Baileybob * Biggin5391 * Swhite3549 *br1t1sh *jseren90 *dirtygrandpamo *doorjame *PatricklovesVictoria
      Benefits: With a Single Tip of of 2,222
      Snap * Phone Number * Your Name here in my Bio * Name Highlighted online
      Special Snaps * Special Attention and greetings

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      Uncutmalemn * * * Cuieagles92311 * Ivncboy6973
      Troelstr * * Hammiehams77 *bighandsomelad
      Swhite3549 * Pmyshkin85 * *PatricklovesVictoria *jayjay23420
      Join my Fan Club and Receive Special Love From Me Including Your Name in Green

      My specialties in privates:
      Role Play
      Sloppy Blow Jobs
      Body Oil Show
      And making you feel like a KING!
        For Admission
      Just click on the private tab

Lista dei Desideri:

If you would like to buy me something specifically from Amazon..please send ecard and include link to item and I will purchase it and use it on cam. Thanks.